The Value of Storytelling

IDEO Stories

The hot buzz word: storytelling.

A lost art in the world of business, slowly budding its rearing head. Facts, numbers, buzzwords, charts and graphs; potentially powerful but easily forgotten.

Specification can prove a need but can all too easily be lost on your audience. As Dan Roam’s workshop showed us, sketching out a story with someone clarifies and decreases the chances of misinterpretation. And a compelling, inspirational story can motivate people to jump on board.

Last Thursday at IDEO Chicago, stories were shared. None were on the future trends of the industry. They did not talk about their design process. They shared stories and defining moments of their life. Powerful experiences of chance, risk and seizing opportunities to live.

We are relational people. Personal connections bring loyalty. Memorable and relatable stories can evoke change with stronger motivators to stay the course when things get coarse.

Build relationships in your business. Build relationships with your customers.

Storytelling is a timeless tradition. Stories travel further. Stories ignite action.


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